At Zakalak Restoration Arts, we've had the privilege of working on many valued and historically significant sites.

The following is a short list of some of our valued projects.



Beacon:  Paramount [Jersey City, NJ]

Beacon: Mercury [Jersey City, NJ]

Beacon: Rialto-Capitol [Jersey City, NJ]

Beacon: Beacon-Commerce [Jersey City, NJ]

Beacon: Orpheum [Jersey City, NJ]

Restoration of Peter Stuyvesant statue [Jersey City, NJ]

Restoration of World War I monument in [Elysian Park - Hoboken, NJ]

Cooper Hewitt National Design Library [New York, NY]

Smithsonian Institution:  Baxter Terrace (Newark) Recordation and Dismantling of Building Entrance for the Smithsonian’s National African-American Museum [Washington, DC]

Halsey Street façade renovation [Newark, NJ]

Forest Hill private residence restoration [Newark, NJ]

Henry Street, private residence restoration [Brooklyn Heights, NY]

Private residences restoration [Tribeca - New York, NY]

Private residence restoration [Soho - New York, NY]

House of Prayer sacristy restoration [Newark, NJ]